Poppy Jasper Games is an indie board game company. Our first game, Lost Woods, was a huge success on Kickstarter, raising $52k.  That has inspired us to make more great games. We all have day jobs, so we do this for fun.

We are:

  • Brian Fouts – President, Lead Game Design, all things Business
  • Danny Johnson – Game Design, Icon Art
  • Mike Gourdin – Art and more Art
  • Jill Bobbitt – Editor, Lead Playtester

We believe in:

  • Family friendly games – not kids games
  • Unique Gameplay Experiences
  • Enough skill to matter, enough luck to keep it fun
  • “Take that!” mechanics are never mean spirited
  • A consistent style in a consistent universe across games
  • Engaging Kickstarter campaigns that let the crowd finalize the game