Gnomi is a quick strategy card game about mushroom-farming gnomes for 2-6 players. Steal mushroom cards from other players, and use your gnomes to enact special abilities. Once cards have been used, you flip them up-side-down in your hand. The last player with right-side-up cards in their hand wins.

Gnomi is designed so that you can play anywhere, since your hand is also your discard pile. After dealing, you can keep the decks in your pocket.

Deduction and resource management are needed to win.

Play a quick game while waiting in line, or as a filler at game night. Games take 10 minutes. 2-6 players.

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Everything Board Games – “This is a delightful quick filler game that should make it into your collection. It will be in mine!”

Bearded Meeple – “It’s easy to learn, it plays rather quickly, it has good art and I like their flipping mechanic.”

Indie Table Top -“Gnomi is a fantastic little card game for all ages. It is easy to learn, accessible to play, and over within minutes.”

Booze and Boards – “This is a solid filler.”

Undead Viking (old version) – “It only takes 10 minutes to play regardless of the number of players, which is great selling point.  I’ve had a lot of fun with it.”

BoardGame Brawl (old version) – “I think this game is going to appeal to people who like light and fast games that want a little bit more teeth in it.”