Potion Crafters

Potion Crafters is a game about collecting ingredients and making potions to become most skilled in the land of Hod.  It’s for 2-5 players.

Players start in town with just a Castle and a Craftery. You travel across the land of Hod to find the sources of various ingredients you need to craft potions.  You may encounter skeletons, mimics and goblins while out exploring.  Each game, the world will expand as you place stickers on the board.  Your characters will learn new abilities.

Like other Legacy games, some game events will cause permanent irrereversible changes to your copy of the game, making it unique to you.

This game is in development.  We are currently in private playtesting, if you are interested and have experience as a playtester, please reach out to us.

This game will come to Kickstarter as soon as we feel that it is fully polished.  We aren’t setting at date at this time.