Potion Crafters

Potion Crafters is a game about collecting ingredients and making potions to become most skilled in the land.  It’s for 2-6 players.

Players start in town with a Castle, Inn, Craftery, Store, and Market.  Each space in town grants a special action, just like in your favorite RPG video game.  You travel across the world-map board to find the sources of various ingredients you need to craft potions.  You may encounter basilisks, whelps and fire elementals while out exploring.  A night at the inn will cure all your wounds.  Players can visit the store to buy equipment that expands their player boards and increases their abilities.  First to 10 skill wins.

This game is in development.  We are creating art and going through alpha playtesting.  We expect to move to open playtesting in Spring and have our Kickstart campaign in the Summer.