Lost Woods

Lost Woods is an easy to learn adventure game. Players try to escape from the woods by choosing which direction they explore, creating a new map in each game.

The game is for 1 to 6 players and is ideal for people that like adventure novels and video games. It has many classic elements, but with unique game play mechanics making it fun for both serious and casual gamers. Games usually last 60 minutes.

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EverythingBoardGames – Review – “I love the lighthearted nature of the game”

Father of Many – Review – “Good replayablity, choices that feel like they matter and just enough room for strategy to keep it interesting.”

Booze and Boards –  Play Through – “I got a monster.  It’s like an eagle-y lion guy.”

Undead Viking – KS Preview (Early Prototype) – “Really?  Really?  I lost to a squirrel?”

Board Game Brawl – KS Preview (Early Prototype) “If you like fantasy humor, and you like tile laying, you might want to give this one a look.”

“It’s like Carsasonne with action.” – Adam Rippon

“I keep thinking about the game and the more I think about it the more impressed I get. I can’t think of any other games that play like that.  It wouldn’t duplicate any game in my collection or that I know of. Yeah, really good job. Quite the display of creativity.” – Steve Allhoff

“The game mechanics are simple. The dynamic board makes that no two games are alike, that’s a thing that I love!” – Marco Gomes

“I can’t believe that I had a 20 point lightning bolt and lost to a damn squirrel. That game is rigged I swear.” – Jamie Ceglarz


The adventurers find themselves stuck in the Lost Woods equipped with items found around camp.  They must find a way out by choosing which direction to explore. Along the way they will find more useful weapons, discover wells of magic, and collect gold by defeating dangerous woodland creatures.  There are gnomes in the woods that will steal your gold.  Use a potion to change your odds. The player with the most gold wins the game when an adventurer finds the way out of the Lost Woods.


The primary mechanic in the game is a randomly generated map put together by a new card played on the map every time someone explores. No two games are exactly alike.  Weapons and enemies are drawn from bags.  You might fight a squirrel or a wizard!  Some maps spaces contain magic wells that grant you access to magic.  There’s no guarantee that a particular spell will even make an appearance each game.

The game contains these awesome parts:

  • 72 cards (in 4 directional decks)
  • 10 Dice (2 each of D4, D6, D8, D12, D20)
  • 6 Wood Game Pawns for the adventurers
  • 6 Player mats
  • 66 Wood Gold Pieces
  • 94 Cardboard Tiles (Weapons, Enemies, Potions and Magic)
  • 1 Cloth Bags to hold the tiles
  • 1 Starting Camp Card
  • 6 Reminder Cards
  • A plastic organizer
  • 1 Spinner for the Co-op Survival variant


13 thoughts on “Lost Woods

  1. I am such a muppet, I meant to back this and had it on my list of kickstarter’s to back. Went on this morning and it finished 4 days ago, arrggggg. Well done for a succesfull kickstarter, it looks really cool.



    • As soon as I got that pre-order e-mail, I pre-ordered. Looking forward to playing ‘Lost Woods’. Total no-brainer, this game looks awesome.

  2. Anyway to get in on lost woods kickstarter
    I got 48 hr reminder then got busy and missed out
    Would really like to get exclusives
    Thanks for your time

  3. Quick question, The $14.00 Print and Play in your web store the colored retail version? or is it different then the retail release.. Also, when will the retail release be available for sale. Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, the PNP in the web store is the full colored retail version. We are expecting to ship out to our backers in November, with online pre-orders after that.

  4. Hey, I recently had to move put of state in hopes of work. When my mail and packages are forwarded they incur HUGE penalties between 3-7 bucks per pound. Honestly after moving across the country I have about $40 to my name and my girlfriend can’t find work. I’m beyond broke. Is there any way you can change my address before you ship it. If not I’m going to have to return to sender it because I can’t afford to pay for it. I’m sorry about the inconvenience… life just sucks right now.

  5. i got my Kickstarter version of the game in the mail today. the box and pieces looks amazing.
    but the brown bag that followed was broken when i got it. the cords that seal that bag were loose from the beginning.

  6. Received the KS game a couple of days ago. We’re very impressed, it’s fun and has elements reminiscent of other fun games and some unique mechanics. My wife had a stroke last year, she was always an avid gamer, but some of her old games have been just a little complicated for her at this stage in her recovery. But we managed to get this game up and running and we both had fun – and she beat me at the end. There is something satisfying and tactile about those little wood blocks of gold. Anyway, thanks for putting together a game that people of different abilities can play together and still have fun. Good job.

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